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7 Ways To Fight Bad Breath

Real life is typically nothing like the movies.

Who has time to pause right before they jump into a dangerous situation to save someone and say something really cool and intense?

And there is no such thing as an “ugly” girl who takes off her glasses and all of a sudden she is thought to be gorgeous.

And, unfortunately, some things just aren’t as “romantic” as the movies portray.   Hollywood often creates a beautiful scene of a handsome husband waking up next to his beautiful wife and giving her a lovely “good morning” kiss.

But, here on earth, we all know what reality is.

A good brushing (or at the very least, mouthwash) MUST precede any “good morning” kiss.

Bad breath…it plagues even the best of us.

But here at Montgomery Dentistry, we want to provide you with some tools that can help you on your way to that Hollywood-inspired romantic life.

There are some little tricks you can take advantage of when it comes to fighting and preventing bad breath.


Here are seven:

1.  Munching on parsley may not be your typical work-time snack, but it is a great natural de-odorizer!  Parsley contains chlorophyll, a known agent in combating bad breath.

2.  Eating fruits high in vitamin C kills bacteria on contact, resulting in a sweeter smelling breath.  These fruits include melons, berries, and citrus fruits.

3.  Certain beverages release compounds into your bloodstream that will release bad odors into your breath.  Rinsing with water after drinking sodas, coffee, or alcohol can help rebalance your mouth’s pH level.

4.  Mints are just a cover-up that can actually exasperate the problem.  Avoiding mints may seem contrary to the bad breath solution, but in fact the sugar in mints can create more of a breeding ground for bacteria in your mouth.

5.  Bad breath thrives in a dry mouth, day or night.  So staying hydrated all day can help you maintain fresher breath.

6.  The top of your tongue is home to foul-smelling dead cells, food debris, and bacteria.  Scrubbing your tongue can help remove those smelly particles.

7.  We are dentists and hygienists.  All of the previous tricks are great, but we are always going to say that brushing and flossing regularly is your best defense.

Sweeter-smelling breath leaves us all feeling more confident and more approachable.  We here at Montgomery Dentistry want the best for you!

When it comes to your dental health and maintaining fresh breath, we highly recommend that you stay up-to-date on your check-ups.  Tartar, an agent of bad breath, can only be cleaned professionally.

Your good dental habits along with yearly check-ups at Montgomery Dentistry should ensure that your teeth, gums, and breath are all healthy and beautiful.

Photo Credit: Erich Ferdinand

About the Author

  • Dr. Amy Morrison Anderson

    Dr. Amy Morrison Anderson

    Dr. Amy Morrison Anderson joined our practice in July 2005. She is a lifelong resident of Montgomery, and a graduate of Jefferson Davis High School, Auburn University, and the University of Alabama, Birmingham School of Dentistry.

    She is a member of the American Dental Association, the Alabama Dental Association, and the Academy of General Dentistry.

    Dr. Anderson most enjoys doing veneers. “The reward of seeing my patients’ self-confidence and self-esteem boosted by a beautiful smile is immeasurable.”

    Brandon, her husband, is also a graduate of Jefferson Davis High School and Auburn University. They have one daughter, Bailey Elizabeth, and twin sons, Caden and Cole.

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