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Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are a terrific option for reshaping your teeth and smile at Montgomery Dentistry.  Unlike porcelain crowns, a porcelain veneer does not encapsulate the entire tooth, but merely covers the front of it.  This makes them a great alternative for many different dental conditions and an attractive option for cosmetic dentistry.

As simple pieces of thin porcelain, veneers are custom made to cover your teeth perfectly.  Like the crown, the veneer is also created in a dental laboratory from a mold of your teeth.  They are very durable, but are not permanent and may need replacement in the future.

Porcelain veneers generally require two dental appointments to complete their installment, as the first visit will be used to make molds of your teeth.  This will involve lightly buffing your teeth’s surfaces into a specific shape that can handle the thickness of a veneer.  Once the mold is taken, your dentist will work with you to select the best shade of white to match your smile.

The second visit is used to adhere the veneers to the surface of your teeth.  Your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and bonding cement will adjoin the veneer to your tooth.  The cement is hardened by applying a special light beam to the area.

Our office will then supply you with materials that will discuss caring for your veneers.  Regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups will add to the lifetime of your veneers.

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