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Fixed Bridges

The team at Montgomery Dentistry uses fixed bridges all of the time in our restorative work. Fixed bridges offer a long-lasting option and very closely mimic the original tooth.

As a permanent fixture, porcelain bridges are administered to replace missing teeth. The bridge is a non-removable piece and has several variations to pick through, all of which are serviced by the dentists at Montgomery Dentistry.

We most often use the “traditional bridge,” which is where porcelain is fused to metal. Your real teeth will function as anchors in this restoration, as artificial teeth are adjoined to fill in spaces.

Sometimes fixed bridges need re-cementing or, on occasion, need to be replaced because of everyday wear. We would encourage those who are unsure of their current bridge’s condition to give our office a call for a consultation!

What is the procedure for receiving a porcelain bridge?

A minimum of two appointments are always needed to place a fixed bridge. Your dentist will apply anesthesia to the area receiving treatment as two of your original teeth will be readied for bridge “anchoring.” This simply means a section of each tooth’s enamel will be extracted so a crown will fit closely over the tooth.

A dental mold will then be required for our laboratory to produce a customized bridge for you. As we wait for the permanent bridge’s arrival, we’ll give you a temporary bridge to wear until your next appointment arrives.

During your second visit, the newly created bridge will be examined to make sure it’s the best match. Any needed adjustments will be made by your dentist during this time. The dentist will then permanently place the bridge to your teeth, or the dentist will temporarily cement the bridge if it looks like your teeth and gums will need more time to adjust to the restoration. The second scenario would require a patient to come back to our office later for the porcelain bridge to be permanently cemented.

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