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First Visit: When should I take my child to see the dentist for the first time?

Shortly after becoming a parent, it’s natural to start asking questions: What school should they attend, what doctor should we use, what immunizations should we get?  But… have you ever wondered, when should I take my child to see the dentist for the first time?

And if you’ve ever asked that question, you more than likely have heard conflicting answers.  For example, some people insist that a child see a dentist when they get their first tooth.  However, we at Montgomery Dentistry recommend your child’s first visit be when they are three years of age. Usually by that time they have all of their baby teeth. Now keep in mind if your child doesn’t have all their teeth in at this time, just know that every child grows at their own pace.

SO NO WORRIES! That is why this is a good time to start! We can monitor their growth and teach them at an early age how to take care of their teeth properly at home.

The first visit we would like to take their first pictures (x-rays), scale their teeth, and do a fluoride treatment. But if they are unsure about all of that, we would simply check around in the mouth, brush their teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste, and then have the doctor count their teeth.

Well…. What if I’m unsure if my child will even let the Doctor and Hygienist even look in their mouth?

Here is some helpful advice that seems to work better for the shyer unsure child. First bring them with you or their siblings’ to a dental visit to watch and see how much fun it is! They get to meet the staff, the Doctor’s, all the cool instruments we use, and even our costume i.e.: gloves, mask, eyewear. They may even get to take their own set of gloves and mask home to play Doctor or Hygienist. :0)

There are some children that never get use to the atmosphere of the dental office until they get older and understand it more. So we then call our friends at a local pediatric dentist for their support.

We love our patients, and we especially love their children! We look forward to serving your families!

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    Dr. Jay L. Robertson

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