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Oral Health Tips for Busy Families On the Go

It is summer and there is no doubt you and your family are going in a million different directions! Staying on top of your teeth brushing and flossing is difficult but can be done! Today we are sharing oral health tips for busy families on the go! We want to help you take care of your teeth by working smarter and not harder! 

Keep Extra Sets of Toothbrushes and Floss 

When you are on the go, it is easy to get out of your routine and be in a rush. Consider stocking extra sets of toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash kits for each family member. Keep a set in each bathroom-especially if you have a 2nd level of your home for easy brushing as you rush out the door. Keep a set at grandparent’s homes or other caregivers where your kids may spend a lot of time during the summer months. Make it as easy as possible to give your teeth a good brush and floss! 

Think Ahead

Do you spend hours at the ballpark and arrive home late at night? Are you planning a day trip where you know your schedule will be off? Kids are often already asleep or perhaps too cranky to properly brush their teeth when you finally make it home. Think ahead and bring an oral hygiene kit in your car or bag and have them brush before the late-night drive home! Summer fun usually includes sugary drinks and snacks so brushing before bed is extremely important to keep those teeth at their best! 

Make an Oral Hygiene Go Bag!

So many families are able to travel together during the summer and make wonderful memories. One of the lesser fun parts of vacationing is packing and unpacking. In the stress of packing and unpacking, we can forget or misplace our toothbrushes and toothpaste. Create an oral hygiene kit dedicated just to travel for each family member. Choose a cute bag to use and know when packing that grabbing that bag means your teeth will be taken care of! No more running around and grabbing the essentials at the last minute or worse-forgetting them altogether! 

Make it an Event!

A 4-year-old boy once saw a commercial that said “Brushing alone is not enough to prevent cavities and tooth decay.” From that moment on he insisted his parents brush their teeth in the bathroom when he does so he is not “alone.” While we know the commercial meant flossing and regular dental visits, there is something to be said for families brushing their teeth together. As a busy family on the go, making oral hygiene a family event encourages all members of the family to take care of their teeth! Consider a call to action every evening as part of your nightly routine for the family to brush their teeth at the same time.

Make it Fun!

When we are on the go, we all get tired and are very tempted to rest instead of taking care of our teeth. One way to encourage yourself and your family to keep healthy oral hygiene routines is to make it fun. 

Here are some ideas to encourage you and your family to keep up with their brushing and flossing! 

  • Choose a toothbrush that you really like and looks good. 
  • Choose toothbrushes in fun colors and themes for kids. 
  • Make sure they like the toothpaste flavor they have. 
  • Make flossing as easy as possible using floss picks or these Gumchucks that look like ninja nunchucks! 
  • Create a playlist of fun music to listen to while they brush their teeth. There are songs dedicated to teeth brushing too!
  • Create an incentive chart to help them keep track of all the times they have brushed and flossed. Have a special reward after so many consistent days. 

Set Reminders

Setting reminders on your phone or on your child’s device to brush and floss can be a lifesaver! Many families put a checklist up in the bathroom as a reminder also. Find what works best for you and your family to keep those teeth clean! 

Keep a Stash of Healthier Snacks and Drinks or Set a Deadline for Water Only

Popsicles, sodas, and other sugary snacks are part of summertime. Without a school routine, chances are you and your family may be visiting the pantry more often. Keep a stash of healthier snacks and drinks to reduce the sugar sitting on your teeth. Consider setting a deadline later in the day or early evening when water is the only drink you consume or a deadline for snacking altogether. If nothing else, have straws available for sipping sodas and other sugary beverages to help limit the sugar from hitting your teeth. 

Schedule Your Next Dental Cleaning!

One of the best oral hygiene tips for busy families is to make sure that your next cleanings are already scheduled. Be sure to mark them in your personal calendar so they don’t creep up on you and cause you to reschedule. 

Montgomery Dentistry is Here to Help You and Your Busy Family!

We understand what it means to be a busy family and our office and staff are here to help you get your and your family’s teeth cleaned and cared for. Call our office today to schedule your first visit or next cleaning appointment. We want to help you keep those smiles beautiful all year long! 

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  • Dr. Jay L. Robertson

    Dr. Jay L. Robertson

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    Dr. Robertson and his wife Jennifer have four children, John Campbell, Julian, Lowe, and Ansley.

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