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Periodontal Disease Treatment

Your dentist at Montgomery Dentistry will examine the stage of your periodontal disease in order to determine the best method of treatment.  The most common first step, however, is to remove the build-up of plaque and tartar.

When detected early, the disease may simply require additional follow-up cleanings and a change in hygiene habits to eradicate its presence.

Advanced stages of periodontal disease will most likely require a special type of dental work known as scaling and root planning.  The dentist will numb your mouth one quadrant at a time and clean that area above AND below the gum lines.  Any rough areas detected along root surfaces will be smoothed out during this process.

The scaling and planning should lead to a shrinking of the gaps between the teeth and gums over time.  Other ways to speed up the healing process may include prescriptions drugs and a medicated mouth wash.  Your dentist may recommend an electric toothbrush may be recommended as well.

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