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Smart Sweets for your Sweetheart’s Teeth

Cupid is shooting his arrows and Valentine’s Day is approaching fast. This holiday of love and admiration is usually filled with gifts of sweets and treats. 

It’s important to remember to protect your sweetheart’s smile when you are choosing those sweet treats as gifts. After all, studies show that a simple smile produces strong emotions in your partner and is likely what attracted you to him or her.

Here are three Valentine’s Day gift tips to keep your honey’s smile bright:

1.       If you must gift chocolate on this special day, consider your love’s tooth health and be sure to choose the best available options. Dark chocolate is by far the best option because it contains less sugar than milk chocolate. Also, solid chocolate does not stick to the teeth the same way more chewy candies do. Avoid chocolates with sugary centers of caramel or fruit-based filling, as these treats are worst for your teeth. Also try to avoid chocolates covered in a hard, sugary shell. Instead, consider a romantic basket of fresh fruits and healthy vegetables. Your sweetheart’s teeth, and dentist, will thank you!

2.       Don’t gift your love with another coffee gift card. Your love may frequent the local coffee shop on his or her way to work, but coffee can be harmful to your teeth. Coffee, like most drinks, can cause bacteria to grow in your love’s mouth. That bacteria can lead to enamel erosion, tooth decay, and bad breath. Coffee is high in acid, which can weaken enamel, making the teeth more vulnerable to decay. Coffee is also known for yellowing teeth and darkening smiles because of its staining properties.  

3.       February is also American Heart Month. While we are picking out cards and other Valentine’s Day items covered in hearts, it is important to remember that good oral health and heart health go together like two lovebirds. According to the American Academy of Periodontology, people with gum disease have nearly double the risk for heart disease than people with healthy gums. Good oral hygiene can prevent gum disease and lower the risk for heart disease. Make sure your significant other visits the dentist regularly and practices great oral health hygiene.

At Montgomery Dentistry, we use the latest dental technology and our patients receive the highest quality care.  We provide dental care with a personal touch that is comfortable, convenient, and affordable. We offer a wide range of dental services and procedures to care for our patients’ health. From simple cleanings and check-ups to cosmetic and emergency dentistry, we offer the most options in dental maintenance and protection.

Celebrate love with your special someone this month while remembering to also take care of their smile, and most importantly, their heart.

About the Author

  • Dr. Jay L. Robertson

    Dr. Jay L. Robertson

    Dr. Jay Robertson joined our practice in July 2008. He is from Montgomery and is a graduate of Saint James School, Birmingham-Southern College, and the University of Alabama, Birmingham School of Dentistry. He is a member of the American Dental Association, the Alabama Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry.

    Dr. Robertson and his wife Jennifer have four children, John Campbell, Julian, Lowe, and Ansley.

    Dr. Robertson serves on the board of the Montgomery Quarterback Club and is a member of the First United Methodist Church of Montgomery. When not at work, Dr. Robertson enjoys all things sports, including Auburn, golf, and his children’s various sports.

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